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From Robert Shawyer:-

"The focus continues on training in preparation for the forthcoming domestic and international competition season.

Each training session continues to be over subscribed with athletes on a reserve waiting list despite the kind addition of a further two targets from the Welsh Airgun Association which continues to provide fantastic support. Great news update we are also soon to receive a further 4 targets kindly provided from British Shooting enabling even more athletes to join in training every month.

We continue to have a wonderful team of parents, volunteers and family members attending each training session. Together we are not just growing but continue to grow even stronger.

Llandovery College has agreed the remaining training session calendar through to June 2020. The 16 February training session shall be the last in the sports hall with the weather improving (hopefully) we then move on 1 March 2020 outside to the sports fields for use of the outdoor range and cricket pavilion.

Watch this space: We are in talks regarding an exciting new location for the 2020 Welsh Championships."

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Updated: 19th January 2020

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