Since 2018, the Rankings now "roll-over", always showing, at least, the last 12 months worth of scores - rifle scores use decimal scoring (i.e. ex 654 instead of ex 600).

Scores are included from the competitions shown on the Calendar page and other International competitions.

If any member does not wish to have their name listed then contact the Secretary and your name and scores will be deleted.

Notwithstanding that scores from competitions may be available on the Internet and entered on the rankings spreadsheet by the Secretary, members are responsible for sending their scores to the Secretary and for checking that the scores used for their ranking are accurate. A minimum of three scores will be required before an initial ranking average will be calculated.

N.B. The CSF & CG MQSs shown on the spreadsheets have been updated to reflect the 2018 WTSF MQSs, but may be changed by the WTSF.
Achievement of one or more MQSs does not mean automatic nomination by the WTSF.

Updated with scores from the 2024 British Shooting's Series Grand Final.

   10m Air Rifle Men   

   10m Air Rifle Women   

   10m Air Pistol Men   

   10m Air Pistol Women   

   Target Sprint Men   

   Target Sprint Women   

Rifle updated: 14th May 2024

Pistol updated: 10th April 2024

Target Sprint updated: 24th January 2024

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